Audia is a news and content site that covers women in music. 


WHY Audia

Female and non-binary artists in the music industry don’t hold the same power, earning potential and influence as their male counterparts.

And on the consumer side, mainstream media doesn’t represent what female music fans love or listen to.

Audia empowers female artists and industry professionals and tells their stories.

We’re creating Audia, first and foremost, because it’s something we want to read, and a community we want to be a part of.


Donate to our PayPal! We want to be able to pay our contributors fairly. We also want to create a media product that will appeal to advertisers and potential brand partners.

We know that it’s notoriously hard to run a profitable content site. Our initial goal is not to create a site that’s profitable, but rather one that can sustain itself through ads, sponsored content, and brand partnerships.

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Kate Flynn (the editor) and Meagan Lilly (the designer) have over a decade of combined experience in music journalism, design, marketing, and editorial work.

Meagan loves Bad Brains and Kate loves Joni Mitchell, and they both love Beyoncé because they’re not monsters.

Audia is based in Washington, D.C.